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What we do:

Our success results from our belief in making ourselves an integral part of our clients’ businesses. To increase our efficacy even further, we maintain constant communication with each client to ensure that we understand     clearly    his    or    her

objectives and  concerns.  Each  new  project is  analyzed and

researched thoroughly so that we can bring to each campaign the elements necessary to guarantee its success. Our clients expect nothing less.

At Gutierrez & Associates, creativity, professionalism and dedication are the irreplaceable values we bring to our work.

Reach out into the Community

As a voice of the public, Gutierrez & Associates knows that the only way to make a difference is to get out and make it happen. Every endeavor outside the office is equally as important to us as the many within.

Armando Gutierrez's Birthday Bash - 2014

Armando Gutierrez meets  with
FBI Director James B. Comey
in Miramar Florida July 7,2014With



Yankees Hall Of Famers - Yankee Stadium





Armando Gutierrez