Community Involvement









Gutierrez and Associates help celebrate the independence of Cuba

(from left) Arnold Schwarzenegger, Armando Gutierrez, Chad Gutirrez

Elian Gonzalez goes for a ride atop the shoulder of Armando Gutierrez

A letter of appreciation for a "generous gift" from Armando Gutierrez to the Greater Miami Jewish Federation for the Israel Emergency Fund Campaign

A Commendation for Armando Gutierrez from Metropolitan Dade County "for his continuing efforts and dedication in behalf of his community"

WINZ News Radio decorates Armando Gutierrez as Citizen of the Day for "outstanding service and dedication to the community of South Florida"

In appreciation of Armando Gutirrez's "outstanding service and participation" in the Arthritis Telethon

Deep appreciatoin expressed to Armando Gutierrez for serving as the Chariman of the YMCA of Greater Miami

For generous support, the Word of Life Missionary Baptist Church thanks Armando Gutierrez

A gracious thanks to Armando Gutirrez for the aid and services beyond call of duty for Elian Gonzalez

From the United Cerebral Palsy Association of Miami, Inc. in appreciation of Armando Gutirrez's "support and assitance in our efforts to provide programs and services to the cerebral palsied and developmentally disabled children and adults of Dade County"


The Principal of Eugenia B. Thomas Elementary School thanks Armando Gutierrez for participating as "Principal for a Day"

An Honorable mention from W.Q.B.A. La Cubanisma for Armando Gutierrez's humanitarian involvement in the community

A Happy Birthday to Armando Gutierrez from the Commissioner of Metropolitan Dade County

Presented to Armando Gutierrez for his "wonderful work and dedicated service to the community of South Florida" from the Shul of Downtown

In recognition of Armando Gutierrez as the "Advertiser of the Year" from the Latin Builders Association

A community service award for Armando Gutierrez from the United Negro College Fund

Ronald Reagan, from the White House, in gratitude of Armando Gutierrez's efforts in fundraising for the preservation of the Statue of Liberty

Young Men's Cristian Association thanks Armando Gutierrez for his friendship and generous support

Extreme gratitude for services provided by Armando Gutierrez at Footy's Y-100 Wing Ding in support of Here's Help Inc. and the fight against drug abuse

A certificate of appreciation from the City of Miami in recognition of Armando Gutierrez's contributions

Armando Gutierrez is a Florida Ambassador

The Allapattah Merchants Association honors Armando Gutierrez "in appreciation for his dedicated service as president"

To: Armando Gutierrez

From: Charles Edward Johnson

A certificate of appreciation from the Miami Outboard Club, Inc. in recognition of Armando Gutierrez's "valuable and devoted services"

The City of Miami salutes Armando Gutierrez for his "exceptional service and leadership as creator of The Worldwide Motorcycle Show of Miami

Service to the Haitian Community

A thank you for a "thoughtful contribution" to the Haitian American Foundation, Inc. by Armando Gutierrez

Creating a bond between the Haitian and Hispanic community, Armando Gutierrez has helped "the Haitian community through Hans Roldino" when it was most in need

Another letter of thanks to Armando Gutierrez for all the help he has given to the Hatian Community through Hans Roldino

Armando Gutirrez, praised as the "Champion of Unity" has set an example for the kind of humanitarian acts everyone should live by