Political Campaigns: Action Plan and Information Distribution









Below is an outline of the various tasks Gutierrez & Associates regularly performs on behalf of our clients in order to ensure that the appropriate information reaches the electorate:

1. Basic Printing

  • Stationery and envelopes with the candidate’s logo

  • Forms to be filled in by personalities to support the candidate and authorize his or her name for endorsements

  • Cards with a biography of and essential data about the candidate

  • Bumper stickers for cars

  • Door hangers to be left for voters who are not home when they are visited

  • Posters to display at stores with information about the candidate

  • Cards with basic information bout the candidate and the campaign

2. Direct Mail

  • The candidate’s presentation of his or her platform regarding the most relevant points to the voter

  • The candidate’s achievements and community service record

  • Candidate endorsements

  • Answers to address disputed issues and information pertaining to the opposition’s weak points

3. Print Media

  • Daily newspapers’ main, local and special sections

  • Tabloids

  • General interest magazines

  • Community newspapers

  • Fliers

  • Special publications for the campaign

  • Special event advertisements

  • Press conferences, press releases and press coverage

4. Outdoor Advertising

  • Bus benches

  • Signs on bus exteriors

  • Posters to place at stores, homes, etc.

  • Billboards

  • Signs for bus stops

5. Broadcast Media

  • Paid political advertisements (30- and 60-second commercials)

  • Paid programs (1/2 hour infomercials)

6. Publicity in Public Places

  • Diamond signs with the candidate’s name and punch number to hang on light poles

  • Signs to hang on fences

  • Signs to place in lawns and other empty spaces

7. Miscellaneous Materials for Elections Day

  • Palm cards

  • Large diamonds to display at polling places

  • T shirts and promotional hats for campaign workers

8. Phone Banks

  • Instructions for querying voters about their positions before the campaign (polls)

  • Instructions for attracting voters to the candidate and information about voting procedures